Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Time No Hear

It has been several months since I posted anything on my blog, here is the run down of what has been happening the last six months. Summer is over and I have started work again. I love my job and working with students. Cloey has went back to daycare and loves the teacher. She goes to the daycare where I work and works out great for whenever she needs me I can go and see her. She is learning lots. We have been working on ABC's and 123's. She knows most sounds each letter makes and is starting to recognize the letters in her books. Fire season is finally over and Chris is home more often than not. It wasn't a big fire season but he kept busy doing prescribed burns. Halloween and Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is soon approaching. For Halloween Cloey was a tulip fairy, Chris was a spartan, and I was Alice in Wonderland. We went trick-or-treating and then had my sister over for chili. We spent Thanksgiving with my dad and it was nice and quiet. There was only Chris, Cloey, me and my dad there. The first part of December Chris, Cloey, and I went to San Diego for a conference I had to go to for work. We left a couple of days earlier to go spend time with my sister who lives there. It also happens to be my dad's 60th birthday while we were there, and my brother thought it would be a good idea to drive my dad and his family down to San Diego to celebrate his birthday. We went to LegoLand and had a ball. Here are a few pictures of what has been happening over the last several months.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey everyone just letting you know that I am now a blogger. Summer is finally approaching and I am finished with work until August. Cloey is growing and learning like a weed, and Chris hopefully will get busy for the summer. Here is a picture of us.